Rourounin Kenshin is a fun live action version of the manga and anime hit Samurai X that I’ve probably seen more than 4 times. The film was clearly respectful of the original anime and manga series. All the character quirks are identifiably present from the demeanor of Sanosuke, the flirt in Megumi, the boyish naivete of Kaoru, the master and disrespectful disciple dynamics with Yahiko.

Loved this series and loved this film. If I missed something it is the way the characters thoughts were voiced over in the anime. This allowed for geeky explanations of techniques, strengths and weaknesses. And yes I confess that I am in the camp of the Eyes Wide Shut director I am not extremely opposed to voice overs and narration.

If there is a weakness in the film it is probably dependent on the producers plan. Is this a series that will rival the Philippines Shake Rattle and Roll in length or will this be a one shot thing.

Samurai X was about this wanderer trying to escape his past and found a loving place that would serve as the family he never had, one that he protects as they all come to terms with the past and face the present. One film was not enough to get at the core of this story.

Enjoyed watching samurai x with some HS friends, probably biases this review.