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Loved reading this.


Sometimes when we are bored, susceptible, or wish to escape from real life, we latch onto something or someone we barely know and become fanatics. The objects of our devotion may be movie stars or musicians or sports teams or even writers; the point is that they exist outside of our lives, no matter how close they may seem. Never mind that they’re “just like you” and you’re sure that if you spent any time together you would be best buddies. Never mind that they seem to be really nice, or that they say exactly what you’re thinking. There’s nothing wrong with admiring them or taking inspiration from them, but you have to remember:

You are not them.

I have to say this because I feel responsible. Maintain perspective. Remember when you had a life and interests of your own? You used to be fun; now you’re one of those tiresome people who can’t go two minutes without babbling about your idols. Ask yourself why you’re so consumed. Are you using this fixation as a substitute for something?

These people are not your friends. The Lester Bangs character goes on to say, “You wanna be a true friend to them? Be honest and unmerciful.”

That’s good advice.

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