Fiba Asia Champions Cup 20110531


Got great courtside seats Yeah!!! It was a hard fought game, which surprised me a lot. I expected our team to not roll over Duhok Iraq but at least not flex their muscles too much. It seems I’m over rating SMART GILAS. Lebanon and Quatar are now surely going to be problematic teams. I just hope they find it in them to get to the next level! The coliseum was probably 60-70 percent filled, I am probably not going to get good seats any longer for the coming games.

22nd FIBA ASIA CHAMPIONS CUP 2011 Schedule

If you have the time maganda malamang mga laban between Lebanon, Iran, UAE and Philippines. Mabait talaga nag organize nitong FIBA Asia lahat ng nakakatakot nasa kabilang Team.  As I said before slight edge and Lebanon over us so konting swerte lang may chance ang Team Pilipinas. Laban sa Iran dapat sobrang swertehin tayo, or mag step up ang mga gwardya or Asi/Aguilar show they are tough enough to guard athletic 7 footers.
22nd FIBA ASIA CHAMPIONS CUP 2011 – 053111
Philsports Arena (formerly Ultra), Pasig City
May 31, 2011 02:00pm

The FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2011 will be the 22nd staging of the FIBA Asia Champions Cup, the basketball club tournament of FIBA Asia. The tournament will be held in Pasig, Philippines from May 28 to June 5, 2011.[1] The event is co-organized by the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas and FIBA Asia.

Jordan (ASU)
Malaysia (WKL DRAGONS)
Irag (DUHOK)
Saudi Arabia (AL ITTIHAD)
Philippines (SMART GILAS)

Lebanon (AL RIYADI)
I.R. Iran (MAHRAM)
Syria (AL JALAA)

28 May 2011 – Saturday
02:00PM – Iraq VS Jordan
04:00PM – Syria VS I.R. Iran
06:00PM – Philippines VS Saudi Arabia
08:00PM – U.A.E. VS Lebanon

29 May 2011 – Sunday
02:00PM – Saudi Arabia VS Iraq
04:00PM – Qatar VS Syria
06:00PM – Malaysia VS Philippines
08:00PM – I.R. Iran VS U.A.E.

30 May 2011 – Monday
02:00PM – Jordan VS Saudi Arabia
04:00PM – Iraq VS Malaysia
06:00PM – Lebanon VS I.R. Iran
08:00PM – U.A.E. VS Qatar

31 May 2011 – Tuesday
02:00PM – Syria VS U.A.E.
04:00PM – Malaysia VS Jordan
06:00PM – Qatar VS Lebanon
08:00PM – Philippines VS Iraq

01 June 2011 – Wednesday
02:00PM – Saudi Arabia VS Malaysia
04:00PM – I.R. Iran VS Qatar
06:00PM – Lebanon VS Syria
08:00PM – Jordan VS Philippines

03 June 2011 – Friday

04 June 2011 – Saturday

05 June 2011 – Sunday



rePost::Recto wants GSIS charter to specify members’ rights – Nation – GMA News Online – Latest Philippine News

Agree. GSIS must remember that they are (words stolen from a friend) a form of government mandated forced savings. GSIS are holding these funds in trust. Whenever I feel slighted by the service of a place I almost never make a scene; I just never return. For institutions like GSIS and SSS we do not have that option, this means we have to force them to give us the proper service. I salute this!!!


The charter on the state pension fund Government Service Insurance System must undergo revisions to include a provision on members’ rights, Senator Ralph Recto said Sunday.

In a statement, Recto said the GSIS Charter, or Republic Act 8291, must include a provision on the rights of GSIS members mandating the agency to expedite the processing of claims, to act with courtesy towards members, to regularly update its members on GSIS benefits, and to give its aggrieved members the “right to be heard.”

In its present version, the GSIS Charter does not have a provision on the rights of members.

“With these rights [upheld], no member of GSIS would sail into their sunset feeling bitter, empty and shortchanged by the same agency that they helped keep afloat through their monthly contributions,” Recto said.

The senator added that administrative sanctions await any GSIS official or unit violating the rights of the pension fund’s members.

via Recto wants GSIS charter to specify members’ rights – Nation – GMA News Online – Latest Philippine News.

Thoughts on FIBA Asia Day 1


Game 1: Iraq vs Jordan

Because of Yoshinoya’s amazing Gyudon I missed Iraq. vs Jordan.


Game 2:  Syria vs. Iran

Iran is scary. They seemed to be playing at half speed but they gave Syria a good beating. Among the 5 teams I saw today Iran is the team that I fear the most against Team Pilipinas. To be honest save for a stroke of luck Ginebra style I can barely imagine us beating these guys.


Game 3: Philippines vs. Saudi Arabia

Great game for Japeth Aguilar.  The team was playing like a team and it shows in how out of place Hontiveros was in the rotations of Team Pilipinas.  Among all the players on the Philippine Team Hontiveros looked liked the odd man out. Fortunately I believe that they were playing him for Hontiveros to learn the system and not really to contribute substantially in this particular game. I think SMART Gilas lead after the second quarter and by the 3rd the game was all but finished. Kudos to the fans who booed loudly whenever the 3 point shooting bigs of the KSA team got the ball.


I think only Ballasteros didn’t have a single point. Hope he can make his mark and be more than just Team Pilipinas’ Human Victory Cigar.



Game 4: Lebanon vs. UAE

This was another lopsided match and seeing Lebanon was like seeing an older, bigger, more consistent shooting Team Pilipinas.  I give them a small advantage over Team Pilipinas because their bigs are very agile.  If we want to win against these guys we have to bring our A-game.

LINK to TV Coverage Schedule and ticket information care of firequinito


It irks me that I can’t buy courtside seats because someone bought them all. This doubly irks me when I see so many seats unoccupied. If you aren’t going to use them might as well give them to the fans who’d love to watch this very inspiring team.

rePost::How to cure Philhealth’s woes? | Newsbreak | Independent Journalism

Shouldn’t this mean that we have an awesome healthcare system because even if we spend far less than most countries ranked in healthcare cost we rank in the top 3rd in healthcare outcomes?

While the Philippines is ranked 60th among 191 countries in overall health system performance, it is in the bottom half in the world in health expenditures at 124th.

via How to cure Philhealth’s woes? | Newsbreak | Independent Journalism.