Memory and Synecdoche NY

The more science learns about memory, the mind, our experiences , how we feel , how we remember our lives, how we understand our lives, how we form the narrative of our lives the more Synecdoche NY  makes sense. Other films may be more well made more satisfying , more in the now, But Synecdoche New York hits you fron somewhere deep, somewhere you just have to think about, to feel, to understand , if you are part of the unfortunate people who deal with existential angst.


It seems like Ted Mosbey (Josh Radner) is s decent director. Enjoyed happythankyoumoreplease. New York stills seems awesome and I have to say that there is that part of me that dreams of that city.

EDIT:: I heart this film. very quotable, we personal. It feels like an inner monologue.

rePost::HOWTO make health-care cheaper by spending more on patients who need it – Boing Boing

The approach is marvellous because it is both data-driven (data-mining is used to identify which patients aren’t getting the care they need) and extremely compassionate (“super-utilizers” are voluntarily enrolled in programs where they get 24/7 guaranteed access to doctors, nurses and social workers). The programs are successful, and even though they cost a lot to administer, they still generate system-wide savings — one patient helped with this sort of care had previously cost $3.5 million a year because of heavy ER and ICU use. In other words, providing excellent, personalized care to the small number of patients who don’t fit the system’s model saves far more money than making the system more stringent, with more paperwork, higher co-pays and other punitive measures. It’s a win-win.

via HOWTO make health-care cheaper by spending more on patients who need it – Boing Boing.