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People who do not want to legalize gambling are either the moralizers or the people who benefit from it (drug and gambling lords, politicians and other government officials who extort from the gambling and drug lords).  It is in some sense an unholy alliance.  Legalization Now!!

Portugal’s drug experimentation

In 2000, Portugal passed a law decriminalizing the possession of drugs, continued to vigorously pursue drug traffickers and distributors, and improved access to treatment. What happened?

But nearly a decade later, there’s evidence that Portugal’s great drug experiment not only didn’t blow up in its face; it may have actually worked. More addicts are in treatment. Drug use among youths has declined in recent years. Life in Casal Ventoso, Lisbon’s troubled neighborhood, has improved. And new research, published in the British Journal of Criminology, documents just how much things have changed in Portugal. Coauthors Caitlin Elizabeth Hughes and Alex Stevens report a 63 percent increase in the number of Portuguese drug users in treatment and, shortly after the reforms took hold, a 499 percent increase in the amount of drugs seized — indications, the authors argue, that police officers, freed up from focusing on small-time possession, have been able to target big-time traffickers while drug addicts, no longer in danger of going to prison, have been able to get the help they need.

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These days, I start off these information sessions with a simple fact — the minimal cost to raise a child from birth to 18 years old in lower middle class conditions that assume just the minimal caloric intake, a roof over their heads, clothing, medical care, schooling, etc. is roughly PHP1 million. ONE MILLION PESOS or roughly PHP60,000 per year in today’s peso value. If you want a more realistic figure, think PHP2-3 million given inflation et al. I know, I know, the hair on the back of some of your necks is rising with indignation, Marketman boiling down the joy of bringing human life onto this planet into pesos and centavos. But it is an irrefutable fact that if you are responsible for making them, you are indeed fully responsible for ensuring that they are fed, housed, clothed, educated, etc. Boiling it down to a peso figure always seems to wake up youngsters listening, as a careless romp now seems like a million peso gamble. To make a long story short, I explain the different types of birth control. The responsibility that comes with parenthood. The myths that seem to overwhelm medical facts. And basically seek to simply educate, with the ultimate responsibility left with each individual how they wish to conduct their own personal affairs. See what the topic of sausage casings can lead to?

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To make employees happy

Back when his staff first started to increase, Yamamoto was focusing solely on profit and efficiency, which lead to people quitting, health problems and a general lack of energy.

Since he didn’t have a background in management, he decided to meet with 1,000 different CEOs with a wide range of management styles. What he discovered was that businesses that put a lot of importance on their personnel were the ones that did well.

“The customers interact with the employees, and they need to be happy employees. If they are, then the customers will be happy. Of course, the employees themselves want to take care of the customers. That’s what they are here for, but the management is here to take care of the employee,” Yamamoto explains.

“When there is a conflict between an employee and a customer and the management has to decide which one they are going to protect, it should be the employee,” he continues.

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