Memory and Synecdoche NY

The more science learns about memory, the mind, our experiences , how we feel , how we remember our lives, how we understand our lives, how we form the narrative of our lives the more Synecdoche NY  makes sense. Other films may be more well made more satisfying , more in the now, But Synecdoche New York hits you fron somewhere deep, somewhere you just have to think about, to feel, to understand , if you are part of the unfortunate people who deal with existential angst.


It seems like Ted Mosbey (Josh Radner) is s decent director. Enjoyed happythankyoumoreplease. New York stills seems awesome and I have to say that there is that part of me that dreams of that city.

EDIT:: I heart this film. very quotable, we personal. It feels like an inner monologue.

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The approach is marvellous because it is both data-driven (data-mining is used to identify which patients aren’t getting the care they need) and extremely compassionate (“super-utilizers” are voluntarily enrolled in programs where they get 24/7 guaranteed access to doctors, nurses and social workers). The programs are successful, and even though they cost a lot to administer, they still generate system-wide savings — one patient helped with this sort of care had previously cost $3.5 million a year because of heavy ER and ICU use. In other words, providing excellent, personalized care to the small number of patients who don’t fit the system’s model saves far more money than making the system more stringent, with more paperwork, higher co-pays and other punitive measures. It’s a win-win.

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Praise:: :: Send-off money to AFP chiefs ‘staggering’: Trillanes | ABS-CBN News | Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

Always a silver lining. I salute Admiral Guillermo Wong. This shows how someone who is a party to corruption can be more damaging. By removing the person who should have been a beacon of hope towards reforms in the Armed Services, he dimmed the light of reform and even showed the younger officers how moral uprightness becomes a cross against keeping the position.

“When I was there..the programmed P40 million every month for PCDA was being controlled by the chief of staff. If we cannot come up with the amount, this is augmented by the major services – Navy, Air Force and the Army – and the key budgetary units, the PMA, the PSG and AFP Medical Center or V. Luna (Hospital) so that we could generate the P40 million a month which is equivalent to about P480 million a year and that is the so-called PCDA that is readily available to the disposal of the chief of staff,” Rabusa said.

For his part, Trillanes said the PCDA was given various names such as incentive pay or core command staff representation.

He added that while a representation allowance for the chief of staff is understandable, a P5 million monthly allowance is “staggering.”

“That’s a systemic form of corruption. The leader loses his moral authority to cleanse the system because [the corruption] is automatic,” he said in Pilipino.

He noted that only one military official, Admiral Guillermo Wong, had the guts to turn down the offer of discretionary funds from the military comptroller. He thus had a free hand to clean up the Philippine Navy.

However, he was later removed from his post by Reyes.

Garcia can still testify

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Quote:: ::BBC News – Vivian Maier: A lost life’s work seen for first time

“She was using photography to fill in a void emotionally, perhaps to satisfy herself,” Mr Maloof said. “The work has a life of its own. People want to see it.”

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I keep on reading these words and thinking: “S/he was using xxxxx to fill in a void emotionally, perhaps to satisfy herself/himself” has that sad truth about it that is scary in way.

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People who do not want to legalize gambling are either the moralizers or the people who benefit from it (drug and gambling lords, politicians and other government officials who extort from the gambling and drug lords).  It is in some sense an unholy alliance.  Legalization Now!!

Portugal’s drug experimentation

In 2000, Portugal passed a law decriminalizing the possession of drugs, continued to vigorously pursue drug traffickers and distributors, and improved access to treatment. What happened?

But nearly a decade later, there’s evidence that Portugal’s great drug experiment not only didn’t blow up in its face; it may have actually worked. More addicts are in treatment. Drug use among youths has declined in recent years. Life in Casal Ventoso, Lisbon’s troubled neighborhood, has improved. And new research, published in the British Journal of Criminology, documents just how much things have changed in Portugal. Coauthors Caitlin Elizabeth Hughes and Alex Stevens report a 63 percent increase in the number of Portuguese drug users in treatment and, shortly after the reforms took hold, a 499 percent increase in the amount of drugs seized — indications, the authors argue, that police officers, freed up from focusing on small-time possession, have been able to target big-time traffickers while drug addicts, no longer in danger of going to prison, have been able to get the help they need.

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