rePost :: Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg Still Writes Code

Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg Still Writes Code

by Michael Arrington on Apr 14, 2010

You’d think Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg would have abandoned coding long ago. But if his recent status update is to be believed, he’s still at it. “Mark Zuckerberg Just checked in some code and unit tests for f8,” he said via a status update. When asked what the code was, he responded “You’ll have to wait for f8 to find out.”

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Finally, there's the question of how we claim ancestors, a question that is more philosophical than biological. Africa, and African-America, means something to me because I claim it as such–but I claim much more. I claim Fitzgerald, whatever he thought of me, because I see myself in Gatsby. I claim Steinbeck because, whether he likes it or not, I am an Okie. I claim Blake because “London” feels like the hood to me.

And I claim them right alongside Lucille Clifton, James Baldwin and Ralph Wiley, who had it so right when he parried Saul Bellow. The dead, and the work they leave—the good and bad–is the work of humanity and thus says something of us all. And in that manner, I must be humble and claim some of Lee, Jackson, and Forrest. What might I have been in another skin, in another country, in another time?

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