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Excellent advice. Read the whole thing!

“Know yourself” includes knowing when you excel as a principal and when you excel as a lieutenant. Many entrepreneurs I know think of themselves as CEO material. Generic ambition points to the top. But not everyone is best suited for the top job all the time, even if they are sufficiently capable.

You are not either a principal or lieutenant. Teams and circumstances vary. Part of being a good team player is knowing your role within the team. Most of the time I find myself a principal / CEO, but there is at least one area where I excel and enjoy more a lieutenant role: basketball.

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4. Physicality and variety

“I don’t want to read online,” Eggers said. “I don’t want to wake up and look at a screen. I feel like as a society, we try to put everything on that same goddamn screen, and pretty soon we’re going to be eating on the screen or, like, making love through the screen. It’s just sort of like: ‘Why does everything have to be on the screen?’

So: “I do think that it’s a time to make the paper form more robust and more surprising and beautiful and expansive,” Eggers concluded.

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The PLoS One study, conducted by Duarte Viana and colleagues at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras, Portugal, showed that rats were able to cooperate and adjust tactics depending on the strategy of their opponent, when put in a Prisoner’s Dilemma scenario. The results shattered the idea that only humans can solve the Prisoner’s Dilemma – and may bode a whole new approach to how we think about intelligence in other species.

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Latauro Reviews IRON MAN 2 — Ain’t It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

I get the feeling that the initial reaction to IRON MAN 2 will be that it isn’t quite as good as the first film, but I think that will largely be because the first film came out of nowhere. Robert Downey Jnr’s Tony Stark was such an unlikely hero, such an unusually charismatic figure, that everybody seemed jolted out of their seats. Everything that was good about the first film is here in the second, only now we’re expecting it. In time, when the dust has settled and both films are equally canonised, I suspect the general consensus will be that they are of equal quality. And though the phrasing may be limp, the conclusion is not: IRON MAN 2 is up there with the best.
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Funny Sentence.

Enough with the PIIGS, a totally unhelpful acronym. What we’re really seeing now is a crisis of the “cohesion countries” — the countries that entered the EU relatively poor, and for a time received substantial aid in the form of “cohesion funds”. In Eurospeak, it’s important to know the difference between cohesion and convergence: cohesion means convergence in per capita GDP, while convergence means getting inflation rates in line so that monetary cohesion is possible. Get it?

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And that brings me to minimalism, rethunk: we need to let go.

Let go of obsessions, and embrace the moment.

Let go of salesmanship and hype, and be content.

Let go of one-upsmanship and competitiveness, and just share and encourage.

Let go of control, and embrace what comes.

Let go of perfection, and just do.

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