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“No, Darlin’. A thousand pounds, every day.”

BOOM! Moment of clarity. A tiny little shack-store in Nowheresville, Texas. Making probably somewhere between twenty and forty thousand dollars a week, pure profit. That’s a lot more money than me or any of my other New York cronies were making (or probably ever going to make). For a lot less hassle and overheads, to boot.

Now, I never wanted to go into the meat business, but since that day in Chappell Hill, Texas, I have always aspired to have a business model as simple, elegant, profitable and low-key as this one. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m getting close…

And that, My Friends, is what “EVIL PLANS” is really all about. Exactly.

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People shuld remind themselves of this easy seldom means worth something valueable.

If you answer a classified about making money from home stuffing envelopes, is it any wonder you’re not going to get paid much? If it’s really easy to get a job, the job probably isn’t worth much.

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We really need to create a law that makes procreation a privilege and not a right. Some people don’t deserve to have children.

Couple arrested for starving real life baby while raising a virtual baby

Lisa Katayama at 4:21 PM March 5, 2010

A South Korean couple was arrested for allegedly letting their prematurely born daughter starve to death. The parents, it appears, were addicted to a popular role-playing game called Prius Online; they spent most of their time in Internet cafes raising a virtual baby they called Anima while neglecting to feed their real life baby.

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Elink Video :: The Love Police: How to Escape a TERROR STOP (1 AND 2)

I’m a big believer of resolving things in a civilized manner. Some people call me a push over. that’s okay I maybe that.

The Love Police was doing the usual, enjoying free speech in a corporate zone, and the Beefeaters (Royal Guardians) of the Tower of London called the Police on us. Again. This time, the Police knew to send more than one officer. They sent an Inspector (rather senior), two Sargeants, and five officers. 4 Police cars. Sirens.
This is our attempt to show you how to stop yourself getting arrested under this RIDICULOUS and OVER-USED Terror Act.
Do not consent.
No one rules if no one obeys.
Live Free. Die Free

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This is a nice story


It’s safe to assume that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant haven’t talked privately about giving the world what it wants – the dream NBA Finals matchup between James’ Cleveland Cavaliers and Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers.

But in January, the two superstars talked about giving another gift to the basketball world, or at least to the basketball world’s greatest players.

James and Bryant decided to buy each member of the 2010 NBA All-Star team a pair of custom-made “Beats by Dr. Dre’’ Monster headphones. James bought them for his 12 Eastern Conference teammates, while Bryant did the same for the 14 other Western Conference all-stars.

Speaking via blackberry, James and Bryant settled on getting Dre’s $350 “Studio’’ version headphones. They then contacted Dr. Dre and asked him to customize each set of headphones by making them in the All-Star colors (blue for the East, red for the West) and putting each player’s number on them. That cost an extra $100 per set.

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This is a nice post. Read the whole thing.

The competing vs running was an excellent dichotomy. If you do not learn something before hand you will be hardpressed to say where you are going to use it. You use it because you know it. You can think of where you can make use of it because you already understand it. I can still remember a lot of the ugly code I’ve written because I didn’t know of some technique or some abstraction. I can still remember how it feels to code around a problem because your current toolset doesn’t have the necessary tools to help you solve the problem. In academe there is this saying “Publish or Perish”, in the world we call corporate at least for programmers there is nothing equal so I propose “Learn or Burn”. The basic structure of how my profession is organized allows the companies to have the upper hand. They don’t give you enough time to study, this allows them to devalue your skills as time goes by. Don’t let the companies have the upper hand. “Learn or Burn”

What do you learn just in case you’ll need it in the future, and what do you learn just in time when you do need it?

In general, you learn things in school just in case you’ll need them later. Then once you get a job, you learn more things just in time when you need them.

When you learn just in time, you’re highly motivated. There’s no need to imagine whether you might apply what you’re learning since the application came first. But you can’t learn everything just in time. You have to learn some things before you can imagine using them. You need to have certain patterns in your head before you can recognize them in the wild.

Years ago someone told me that he never learned algebra and has never had a need for it. But I’ve learned algebra and use it constantly. It’s a lucky thing I was the one who learned algebra since I ended up needing it. But of course it’s not lucky. I would not have had any use for it either if I’d not learned it.

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