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My introvert side is really affected by phone calls. I really don’t like it most of the time. I especially don’t like how the phone intrudes when you least want it.

But I hate the phone. Hate it. Hate. It.

I can let the phone ring without picking up. I own a cell phone but don't give out the number. The only people I willingly talk with on the phone are far-flung friends, and only because I know it's necessary to keep those friendships healthy. Even so, as these friends can tell you, I can be difficult to reach, and return their phone calls in my own sweet time, when I feel up to the exertion the phone requires for me.

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Hope they succeed!!!!

Free GSM stack in development

Harald Welte, kernel hacker and operator of, has released the first code from the OsmocomBB project which is developing a complete, free and open source software GSM stack.

The initial code presented by the project has “full control over the baseband hardware” and is able to scan GSM bands for cells. As yet it is not capable of making calls. Welte says “We are currently in Rx (receive) only mode and have no Layer2 or Layer3 implementation”, adding that he is confident that the difficult part, driving the hardware and implementing “minimal Layer1”, is done and he expects to have the ability to make “actual phone calls during the months to come”.

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look at the pic from the linked site!!!

Playing the Game


Reg of Cereal Saturdays (“A Weekend on a Weakday”) wanted to draw a comic about the awkward world of dating as a precursor to relationships, until she realized she never really dated. She is, however, awfully familiar with “The Game”, which will be discussed in further pictorial detail in today’s Show and Tell.

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Read the part of the post not quoted here. This is interesting but I think that a major problem to this is that cabbies are like salesmen in a way their actions translate to easily measurable stuff, other professions on the other hand are not as easy to measure. Take for instance bankers. How do you isolate how hard they work versus the money they get. The structure of compensation really is counter to what we want to measure. This is I believe the most important factor : Most of what people do cannot be tracked to what they earn. I believe how easy it is to see our actions translated to income  the easier the more similar people become to the actions of the New York cabbies.

Taxis and Taxes

What’s the difference between high earners and New York cabbies? This question is central to the issue of whether the new 50% tax rate will actually raise revenue.

I ask it because of this new paper (early version here) by Orley Ashenfelter and colleagues.

They studied how New York cab drivers changed their labour supply in response to the higher incomes caused by fare rises. And they found a negative elasticity, of around minus 0.2. That means a 10% rise in cabbies’ revenue per mile caused them to work 2% less.

This means we have a backward-bending labour supply curve, because the income effect outweighs the substitution effect.

Now, if what’s true of cabbies is also true of bankers, this implies that higher taxes on the rich might indeed raise revenue. This is because the immediate effect of such taxes is to reduce peoples’ incomes, so if the income effect is powerful – as it is for New York cabbies – they will work harder to recoup the money.

Hence my question: in what ways do high earners differ from cabbies?

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1. Figure out what your gift is, and give it to them on a regular basis.

2. Make sure it’s received as a real gift, not as an advertising message

3. Then figure out exactly what it is that your trail of breadcrumbs leads back to.

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7 Characteristics of a Broken, Undefined, and Unhappy Life


We all have some characteristics that hold us back from the life we truly want to live. Motivational gurus constantly claim to have the answers and aren't shy about telling us to do this and that.

If you’re reading this, then it's quite possible that those things haven’t worked for you. The problem isn’t that these motivational teachers aren’t good, because most of them are. The problem is that most of us walk around with unresolved core issues and beliefs that are keeping us stuck.

I’ve gone through many of these characteristics myself. I have by no means overcome them, but I have progressively minimized the impact they have in my life. This is not a contest, there is no rush. As long as you’re taking small steps to improving yourself and getting closer to your goal, all is well.

This list is by no means complete, so when you’ve finished reading it, I want you to share your thoughts in the comments.

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