This was an excellent list do yourself the favor of reading the whole list. These aren’t even the best insights he writes!!!!!

23. Worr­ying about “Com­mer­cial vs. Artis­tic” is a com­plete waste of time.

You can argue about “the sha­me­ful state of Ame­ri­can Let­ters” till the cows come home. They were kvetching about it in 1950, they’ll be kvetching about it in 2050.

It’s a path well-trodden, and not a place where one is going to come up with many new, earth-shattering insights.


24. Don�t worry about fin­ding ins­pi­ra­tion. It comes even­tually.

Ins­pi­ra­tion pre­ce­des the desire to create, not the other way around.


25. You have to find your own sch­tick.

A Picasso always looks like Pic­casso pain­ted it. Heming­way always sounds like Heming­way. A Beetho­ven Symphony always sounds like a Beethoven’s Syynphony. Part of being a mas­ter is lear­ning how to sing in nobody else’s voice but your own.


26. Write from the heart.

There is no sil­ver bullet. There is only the love God gave you.


27. The best way to get appro­val is not to need it.

This is equally true in art and busi­ness. And love. And sex. And just about everything else worth having.


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