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Some of my commenters have argued that even with this bill Democrats may well lose seats next year — possibly even more than they would have without it. Definitely on the first point; on the second, I don’t think people realize just how damaging it would be if Obama didn’t get any major reforms passed. But in any case, that misses the point. The reason to pass reform, even inadequate reform, now isn’t to gain seats next year; it is to pass reform, which will do vast good, during the window that’s available. If it doesn’t pass now, it will probably be many nears before the next chance.

But back to Obama: the important thing to bear in mind is that this isn’t about him; and, equally important, it isn’t about you. If you’ve fallen out of love with a politician, well, so what? You should just keep working for the things you believe in.

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Friends this is our generation’s time to be ground troops some maybe even commanders, What I am getting at is that this is the first election that we can be very actively involved in. This is also the first election that we see hope and identify with candidates.  Let us work for what we believe in, if we hate the personality based way that elections in out country is identified with, then let’s be the change by encouraging friendly discourse, by being polite with each other in discussing the candidates we support and in keeping an open mind. Let us let go of the bickering and the “TEAM whatever” thinking that seems to pervade everywhere, It’s been shown that a good way to bind a group together is to create an outsider/enemy, this is just how people are being manipulated by the media handlers of these politicians. I don’t know about you but I hate the thought of someone manipulating me. Let us resist how they are trying to separate us with petty identification with politicians , and let us realize that the fact that we are all trying to get by living and succeeding in this country of ours when so many others have given up and left binds us more than any idolation of a politician.