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Marvin Minsky is a leading AI (artificial intelligence) researcher at MIT. He has had a lot to say about science fiction. Minsky has said, “General fiction is pretty much about ways that people get into problems and screw their lives up. Science fiction is about everything else.” and “But aside from the science fiction, I find it tedious to read any ordinary writing at all. It all seems so conventional and repetitive.” While these quotes were in reference to written literature, they can be applied to television and movies as well. What has happened is that science fiction on television has, for the most part, become indistinguishable from most other television shows, which are written for women and filled with sophomoric relationship drama. Sure the juvenile relationship drama is in space, but as Minsky tells us from his quotes, it isn’t science fiction anymore, and men are not very interested in relationship drama in space.

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I actually agree with this. People have a bad habit of setting their clocks in advance so they would be fooled into going early. The real problem is that this habit is really annoying the beejezus out of me. Why? see nobody has the same time. People who work using computers need to realize that there is such a site its called it helps a lot, so we have at least a within a few microseconds accurate view off what time it is!

PS: I can be very late. But I tend to be very early. My being late is actually a reflection of how much i trust someone. hehe. a somewhat apology to all the times I was extremely late!

Bill to curb ‘Filipino time’ filed in SenateAMITA LEGASPI, GMANews.TV10/19/2009 | 08:01 PM

Aiming to cure the Filipino’s culture of tardiness – or “Filipino time” as it is commonly known – a senator has filed a bill that seeks to synchronize all time devices in the country to set a standard Philippine time.Sen. Edgardo Angara said Senate Bill 3479 aims to “breed a new culture of promptness” among Filipinos.”This is a good way to start changing the meaning of ‘Filipino time’ and shifting to a culture of punctuality. Time is a vital component of our social, legal, political and economic activities,” he said.

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