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To discover great hacks, we must always be searching for the true nature of our reality, while acknowledging that we do not currently possess the truth, and never will. Hacking is much bigger and more important than clever bits of code in a computer — it’s how we create the future.

Or at least that how I see it. Maybe I’ll change my mind later.

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Baby steps to a great future!

North Cotabato bans large-scale charcoal production

By Carlo Agamon

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 16:35:00 10/14/2009

Filed Under: Environmental Issues, Economy and Business and Finance

KIDAPAWAN CITY, Philippines—Large-scale commercial production of charcoal is now prohibited in the province of North Cotabato following the passage of an ordinance that regulates its production.

The ordinance was unanimously approved by the provincial legislators on Tuesday.

Provincial Ordinance No. 103 was introduced by North Cotabato 2nd district Board Member Van Cadungon, chairman of the committee on environment and natural resources.

Cadungon said the measure does not mean to scrap the local charcoal business or ban the use of charcoal in households as an alternative to oil and gas, but rather to prevent the large-scale production of charcoal for commercial and industrial purposes.

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