College Kids All Racist In Their Own Special Ways

By Hamilton Nolan, 12:12 PM on Wed Jul 8 2009, 30,144 views (Edit, to draft, un-top, Slurp)

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College: where drunk kids are guinea pigs for social science. The funnest college-kid studies involve race, because they make everyone uncomfortable! Now comes a new study of interracial college roommates that proves we’re all terrible. A racial breakdown:

If You Are White:

* Your black roommate makes you uncomfortable.

* You make your black roommate uncomfortable.

* You are far more likely to “break up” with your roommate if they’re not white.

* You will not be affected academically by your roommate’s race, because you care only about your own kind.

If You Are Black:

* You will do better academically if you have a white roommate, maybe in an effort to overcome your inferiority complex.

* Or maybe because you just don’t like them and can get some work done.

* If you have a white roommate, your own “positive emotions” will decline.

If You Are Asian:

* Not only are you more racist than any other group, you also make those around you more racist. Scientific fact!

If You Are of a Race Other Than These:

* You are not as interesting to social scientists.

Jerks, every last one of us!

via College Kids All Racist In Their Own Special Ways – Race – Gawker.

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