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Things That Suck: The Manila City Ban

I’m pretty good about keeping tabs on viciously stupid domestic policies all-time favorites include the anti-prostitution pledge and the merciless application of the material support bar to asylum but I rely on experts in the field to keep me apprised of other countries’ bullshit legislation and executive orders. Recently, via a tip from the very wonderful Payal Shah at the Center for Reproductive Rights, former Mayor of Manila Jose “Lito” Atienza‘s Executive Order 003 made it onto the list.

EO 003, which was issued in 2000 and remains in force, deprives women in Manila of access to contraception and family planning information. Although the order did not impose an outright ban, its call to “promot[e] the culture of life” by “discouraging the use of artificial methods of contraception” has resulted in an effective prohibition. Since its issuance, city clinics and hospitals have not provided contraception.

via wronging rights: Things That Suck: The Manila City Ban.

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