I intentionally went to work at around noon and left work at around midnight, this was all done to ensure that I would be at the MRT station after midnight!

Some observations:

-I have to confess a certain fantasy that a scene in my sassy girl would be repeated. (No Go)

-I had to wait about 18 minutes for the train to arrive.  I am told that the trains arrive every thirty minutes, but it also depends on the number or people wanting to ride, they adjust depending on demand.

-It’s either surprising because the plain was relatively full without being shoulder to shoulder with other people being the first day, or it is full because it is the first day, I suspect a combination of these two.

-It’s surprising for me that most people were going out at the north avenue station not the cubao station. I believe this is because after around 5 stations taking the mrt is more economical than other transport options.

-I was unlucky enough to be caught in the middle of the downpour. Half of my body was wet.

-Surprising how many of my friends were awake at midnight.

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