I started out having an awful migraine,  I woke up at around 5.30 but really couldn’t force myself to standup, slept till 10.30 and finally was at work by 12.30 in th afternoon. I was unproductive for about 2 hours , but as  I was coding the migraine subsided from my consciousness and now I am okay. (This was written aroun 4pm)

It’s now 9:23 pm, have to say that I did less coding and more analysis of the code that I was going to update, which waas a bummer, I love coding, and the highlight of the day is another hastily planned trip for this weekend, hope everything turns out fine! I’ve been wanting to go to anilao since about two weeks ago, and finally flund people to go with me! hehehe, thanks friends!

On another happy note, because ofthe late start of my workday, I can sample the 24 hour MRT test run they are doing for today.

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