Yipee ::Gin Kings reach finals – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

After a not so inspired start for Ginebra they get to the Finals! Hehe, must get tickets!

With the victory, Ginebra, which secured an 18th championship appearance, became the first defending champion to return to the finals since Talk N’ Text pulled off the feat in the 2004-2005 Philippine Cup.

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rePost: Brave To Pixar: Pixar grants girl’s dying wish with home viewing of ‘Up’ | pixar, up, movie, home, show, girl, cancer, die, huntington, beach – News – OCRegister.com

Pixar grants girl’s dying wish to see ‘Up’

Company sent DVD so Huntington Beach girl, 10, could watch it.



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HUNTINGTON BEACH – Colby Curtin, a 10-year-old with a rare form of cancer, was staying alive for one thing – a movie.

From the minute Colby saw the previews to the Disney-Pixar movie Up, she was desperate to see it. Colby had been diagnosed with vascular cancer about three years ago, said her mother, Lisa Curtin, and at the beginning of this month it became apparent that she would die soon and was too ill to be moved to a theater to see the film.

via Pixar grants girl’s dying wish with home viewing of ‘Up’ | pixar, up, movie, home, show, girl, cancer, die, huntington, beach – News – OCRegister.com.

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rePost::The Future Is Here, It Is Just Not Easily Distributed (Iran Edition)

uthor Walter Jon Williams says that he has an unimportant problem toay:

Angel Station: Watching My Uncompleted Novel Go Down in Flames: There is a scene just like this in the novel I’m working on. My whole novel is playing itself out before my very eyes. All its specialness and wonderfulness, coolness and invention is curling up and dying in fire, as if one of the incendiaries from Fahrenheit 451 found it before I could even finish it. The Twitter Revolution in Moldova was bad enough, but at least it didn’t get a lot of coverage over here, and most Americans never heard of Moldova. Iran is different. I feel like all those guys who were working on Cold War novels when the Wall fell.

The parade of demonstrators in Tehran today was nine kilometers long. It’s a People Power revolution fired up by social media— you don’t get a crowd that big by sticking up posters on lamp posts. (Does the use of Twitter in Iran somehow absolve it of totally sucking?) Hackers are also proving useful, by attacking Iranian government web sites. (But be careful, script kiddies of the world— you don’t want to bring the whole system down.)

And he has a recommendation for what you can do to help the people with serious problems:

If you want to turn your computer into a proxy server to help Iranians avoid government roadblocks, “Austin Heap” provides instructions here. Be sure to read the disclaimers. I’d do this myself, but I have to admit that it’s all beyond my competence.

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rePost:How To Disappear:FT.com / Magazine – First Person: Frank Ahearn

There are three key steps to disappearing. First, destroy old information about yourself. Call your video store or electricity company and replace your old, correct phone number with a new, invented one. Introduce spelling mistakes into your utility bills. Create a PO Box for your mail. Don’t use your credit cards and the like.

Then, create bogus information to fool private investigators who might be looking for you. Go to one city and apply for an apartment. Rent a car in another one.

The next, final step is the most important one. Move from point A to point B. Create a dummy company to pay your bills. Only use prepaid mobile phones and change them every month. It is nearly impossible to find out where you are unless you make a mistake.

This is the general rule, but some cases are trickier than others. No problem if you are self-employed, but let’s say you’re a bus driver or a teacher. Then your wages will go on your name. I once had to move a lawyer who was threatened by a former client. Lawyers need a licence. She became a legal consultant.

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True Fans::Offsetting Behaviour: Economics of Scalping: Trent Reznor edition

NIN gets 10% of the available seats for our own pre-sale. We won a tough (and I mean TOUGH) battle to get the best seats. We require you to sign up at our site (for free) to get tickets. We limit the amount you can buy, we print your name on the tickets and we have our own person let you in a separate entrance where we check your ID to match the ticket. We charge you a surcharge that has been less than TicketMaster‘s or Live Nation‘s in all cases so far to pay for the costs of doing this – it’s not a profit center for us. We have essentially stopped scalping by doing these things – because we want true fans to be able to get great seats and not get ripped off by these parasites.

I assure you nobody in the NIN camp supplies or supports the practice of supplying tickets to these re-sellers because it’s not something we morally feel is the right thing to do. We are leaving money on the table here but it’s not always about money.

Being completely honest, it IS something I’ve had to consider. If people are willing to pay a lot of money to sit up front AND ARE GOING TO ANYWAY thanks to the rigged system, why let that money go into the hands of the scalpers? I’m the one busting my ass up there every night. The conclusion really came down to it not feeling like the right thing to do – simple as that.

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I’ve been mulling what I like to call as the “great service coalition”. Basically it’s like a club for people who crave great service, who are willing to pay to be served great! It’s about being an extremely shy person and people serving you knowing that.  Simply put tips just don’t work most of the time.  Still thinking about how to implement this, hope I find a way.

rePost:Shame On You:Mayor sued over boys paid to play in briefs – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Mayor sued over boys paid to play in briefs

By Thea Alberto


First Posted 18:41:00 06/16/2009

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MANILA, Philippines—The mayor of a sleepy town in Bataan province had been charged with prostitution and lewd show for allegedly paying some 40 teenage boys to play basketball while in their underwear, a lawyer said Tuesday.

Lawyer Harry Roque said the charges against Bagac Mayor Ramil Del Rosario have been filed before the Office of the Ombudsman, following the supposed non-action of the local offices of the Interior and Local Government and the Social Welfare and Development

via Mayor sued over boys paid to play in briefs – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos.

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Best Read:The Joy of Less – Happy Days Blog – NYTimes.com

I’m no Buddhist monk, and I can’t say I’m in love with renunciation in itself, or traveling an hour or more to print out an article I’ve written, or missing out on the N.B.A. Finals. But at some point, I decided that, for me at least, happiness arose out of all I didn’t want or need, not all I did. And it seemed quite useful to take a clear, hard look at what really led to peace of mind or absorption (the closest I’ve come to understanding happiness). Not having a car gives me volumes not to think or worry about, and makes walks around the neighborhood a daily adventure. Lacking a cell phone and high-speed Internet, I have time to play ping-pong every evening, to write long letters to old friends and to go shopping for my sweetheart (or to track down old baubles for two kids who are now out in the world).

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