I still haven’t posted and even finished the pinatubo, vigan , potipot after trip posts and I even have the David Archuleta/ David Cook concert (It’s not about the concert but that day, I was really very happy. ) outlined.

I just bought really high quality fins, googles and a simple snorkel, I’m really looking forward in using them.

Hope the trip I am planning to tag along to pushes through.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans –John Lennon

I have to confess that I view these words two ways.

One is from the fact that I feel so very alive when I am anticipating something, I delude myself enough that I can be honest with myself on how not so great an experience is and not feel depressed.

Two is from how it seems that the things we aim for longterm are just small inflection point, sometimes doscontinuities that are just a small part of life, most of our time is spent on the planning and how we live in the moments!

Damn These Are Really Happy Days!

Thanks to my Family and My Friends for being part of the reason that I am having such Happy Days!

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