Last we heard, Universal was trying to get a fourth film in the Jason Bourne series on track for a Summer 2010 release. Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass were signed on to return, all they needed was a screenplay and a shooting schedule that fit. But the tentatively discussed Summer 2009 shoot doesn’t seem to be on the horizon.

via Jason Bourne 4 Now Aiming for Summer 2011 | /Film.

Some Good news before I post the acid rant.

I love the bourne series, where can you find a series that just gets better as it progresses. Have to say that “The Bourne Ultimatum ” is definitely my favorite of the bourne films. That aside when Matt Damon initially stated that he was to old to make a bourne film this saddened me a little but this was bittersweet because at least they go out in top form. The are doing a fourth film and with the whole team intact can’t help but feel giddy in this must watch movie, at least for a bourne fan (book and movie) like me.

As an aside, personally my I felt that the first book was the best whilst the last book was really weak and was trying to much to find closure that It felt well hurriedly written at times.  The three bourne films used the titles of the book but fans can attest to the fact that much like nick and norah‘s infinite play list a screen adaptation really hast to cut out alot of a books best parts to adapt itselt to the limitations of the medium.

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