Let’s say that I was really depressed yesterday but It was fortunate that we were going to watch Monsters Vs Aliens at the IMAX theater and we just walked around mall of asia. (We being me chuck vince and marc). We went home at around 9:30 and I was really very sleepy, luckily marc read this on the headrest of the seat a few rows in front of our seat(at the back of the bus). I recognized it instantly, and what follows is what I pictured in my minds eyes as the mystery surrounding this act of vandalism that really cheered me up.

Scene at the back of a jackpherlyn bus:

A girl looks far outside the large bus windows as the bus traverses the Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard. It is already late in the afternoon and the sun is slowly setting and at the moment was directly perched aone of the peaks of the Mall Of Asia structure.

The bus stops frequently because it is a slow day, april 6; The Bataan/ Araw ng Kagitingan Holiday has been moved to monday, and most people were either enjoying thier houses, out of town or are still at the malls.

A lady with really large face hugging shades is slowly humming the song “I believe”, we know nothing about this woman, she has a small frame and wearing the typical summer shorts and bright green top that was either a short very short one piece dress or a retro circa 1980’s top that went well with leggings.  Her glasses are all fogged up. She keeps saying to herself as if trying to convince herself that it is true “fate is….”.

A man with round features tinge with a roughness that stems from a sense of organized unkemptness. He is obviously out of it.  (probably a girl told him that she’s just not into you at all (sorry him, I was thinking of a friend (ouch),  no really (and double ouch))).

He sits down beside her it’s the only seat left in the bus and he of course takes it. Sits down dazed, unconsciously rolling/twidlling a marker/pen. It’s like he is existing in another dimension prallel to this one. It seems he is living in a bubble. His face moves , he has good hearing , then he writes “building bridges of chance for someone you love”.

She stops speaking. she turns her head slowly, as if caught stealing something.

He looks down, seemingly interested in every minute detail of his black chuck taylors. Not really aware that someone is looking at him. He drops the pen. He tries to retrieve it.

She sees him lose the pen, she tries to retrieve it.

Thier hands touch. Thier eyes meet. He says HI!, She says Hello!

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