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There was not a single class that I didn’t sleep on in college. The problem was I had this bad habit of sitting in the first or second row. If I had professors as easily offended as the one in this article , I would not have passed any of my subject! Hehe, good thing I had such wonderful professors!

Sleepy student barred from taking final exams

AIE BALAGTAS SEE, GMANews.TV 03/19/2009 | 11:24 PM

MANILA, Philippines – A second-year college student in Manila was barred from taking the final examinations by her professor after she was caught sleeping during a lecture, a television report said Thursday.

In his report on GMA News’ “24 Oras,” JP Soriano said Elizabeth Balitaan, a student of La Consolacion College, has admitted falling asleep while her Finance professor Ronald Pastrana was lecturing, but said it was due to a headache.

Balitaan said she tried talking to Pastrana but he refused to listen to her.

“Kinausap ko na po siya. Sinundan ko siya sa Dean’s Office tapos hindi niya ako pinansin. Tapos failed na daw po ako [kasi] parang nakakabastos daw ang ginawa ko,” Balitaan said.

[I tried talking to him but he won’t listen to me. He told me to consider myself failed for sleeping in the class.]

Balitaan was later allowed to take the exam by the school administration, the report said.

The incident however upset Balitaan’s mother, who went to see Pastrana to discuss the problem.

Pastrana, for his part, said he did not allow Balitaan to take the examination because she missed a lot in the lecture.

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