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So Manny Pacquiao is trying weight and strength training now, something that he should’ve done long ago. At this stage of his career, he can’t be in for the fight of his life and do things half-baked:

Unlike in his previous fight preparations, there will be strength and conditioning techniques, cross training and weight training this time to equip Pacquiao against whatever physical advantage De La Hoya has over him, according to a report in…

Strength and conditioning will be handled by Alex Ariza, who actually joined Team Pacquiao for the David Diaz fight last June.

Weight training, under Rob Peter’s watch, will entail rhythmic lifting of light weights to enhance Manny’s explosiveness to a large degree.

Pacquiao started sparring Tuesday against 5-foot-11 welterweight Rashad Holloway. Four more boxers will be called in to spar with the Filipino superstar in the next few weeks.

Last Wednesday, Pacquiao also started uphill jogs to build up his oxygen tank.

Incidentally, his 35-year-old nemesis has also been training in high altitude. For the first time since beating Arturo Gatti (in his last welterweight fight) in 2001, De La Hoya hightailed it to the snow-capped mountains of Big Bear, California, with master trainer Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain.


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