Excellent spirited defense of the stimulus. I have to say the way that the media seems to always need to have a balanced take is making me quesy, its like they live in this fantasy world where nothing is right or wrong. Where sentiments and or opinion is substitute for fact. Where the way a story is portrayed actaully affects the reality of the truth of a story.

On a personal note, isn’t this like fat/black/jewish/british jokes or the like. If you are part of the target of the joke you are exempt from feeling that you are being/racist/anti semitist etc?

Read the whole thing!

Third, Republicans have simply carried on as if the stimulus were filled with pork anyway. In fact, the bill contains either zero pork or a vanishingly tiny amount, depending on how you define the term. But that didn’t stop Rush Limbaugh from calling the bill “porkulus,” showing, for a man of his girth, an unusual lack of self-consciousness about deploying porcine-themed insults.

TRB: In Defense of Waste.