I’m a geek thus I try the newest shiny thing available, I muck around daily builds/ beta builds etc/ buy robot kits etc, How could I say the Amish rules are sensible?

Simply put I try my best to see where I stand. I constantly ask myself why/how/when/where I am changing. I constanly evaluate myself in how technology changes me and my interactions with people. In a way I follow these rules but with a faster turnover.

An example of this is how I resisted having a phone, when I realized that because of phones people tend to have less respect for meeting times/appointments etc. It took me a long time to grow accustomed to fluid meeting times etc. I used to never be late at anything I am usually 30 minutes to an hour early for anything, but not I see my habits have been changed.

more thoughts on this later!

The Amish are steadily adopting technology — at their pace. They are slow geeks. As one Amish man told Howard Rheingold, “We don’t want to stop progress, we just want to slow it down,” But their manner of slow adoption is instructive.

* 1) They are selective. They know how to say “no” and are not afraid to refuse new things. They ban more than they adopt.

* 2) They evaluate new things by experience instead of by theory. They let the early adopters get their jollies by pioneering new stuff under watchful eyes.

* 3) They have criteria by which to select choices: technologies must enhance family and community and distance themselves from the outside world.

* 4) The choices are not individual, but communal. The community shapes and enforces technological direction.

The Technium: Amish Hackers.