And I can’t believe there would be any electoral fall out that would follow what would be clearly understood by all as a classy gesture. McConnell — or Gregg, or any of a number of Republicans of impeccable (sic) right wing ideological pedigree — would be able to demonstrate a kind of reasonableness that the rest of their recent actions hide pretty well.

Even better: they would be praised for the kind of gesture that the GOP has found it impossible to make in response to what polls show is a pretty effective campaign to suggest that they are refusing the proffered hand of a very popular president.

Plus, of course, its just the right thing to do, the sort of care you take for those with whom you work — even the ones with whom you disagree, who you may in fact dislike — just because it makes the world a slightly better place in a way that costs nothing. Your mama told you to do such things; I and my wife work on my eight year old all the time to get him to internalize the notion that kindness is the default option in his dealings with the world.

Is this so hard to get? To do? If you are a Senate Republican, I guess so.

I can’t even get angry about this one. It’s just sad. These are damaged people.

Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Evil Republican Senators Watch.