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BNPP revival based on ‘faulty economics’

By Amy R. Remo

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 21:28:00 02/02/2009

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WB country director Bert Hofman declined to comment directly on the decision of the House of Representatives to clear the Filipino contractors permanently debarred from bidding for bank-financed projects.

“We’re quite confident that due process has taken place,” Hofman said at the sidelines of the yearend assessment of the Kalahi poverty alleviation program, an initiative of the government and the World Bank.

The bank’s internal investigation concluded that the three firms and two Chinese firms engaged in collusive practices to rig the bid.

“In response to questions, I elaborate on the process of investigation and evaluation and the sanctions of the Board,” Hofman said.

Hofman defended their investigation as a “very long and very careful” process, designed by the World Bank staff.

The process was approved by the stakeholders of the World Bank, including the Philippines, Hofman pointed out.

Eduardo de Luna, owner of the E.C. De Luna Construction Corp. which was banned permanently by the World Bank, denied in the two congressional hearings that he colluded with other Filipino and Chinese companies in rigging the bidding for a $33-million road project.

On January 14, the World Bank released a statement, which said it had banned the Filipino and Chinese contractors “for engaging in collusive practices under a major WB-financed roads project in the Philippines.”

Leonard McCarthy, World Bank Integrity vice president, said in the statement that this incident was “one of our most important and far-reaching cases, and it highlights the effectiveness of the World Bank’s investigative and sanctions process.”

“As the World Bank Group continues to ramp up its anti-corruption work, INT (Integrity Vice Presidency) will remain vigilant in investigating allegations and holding wrongdoers accountable,” McCarthy said.

According to the statement, the INT is “responsible for investigating allegations of fraud and corruption in Bank-financed operations.”

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