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Why I’m Twittering From Davos Even Though I Run Reuters

David Schlesinger | January 30, 2009 1:25 PM

schlesinger.jpgDavid Schlesinger is the Editor in Chief of Reuters News. His Twitter from Davos alerted us to the fact that George Soros had predicted the end of the world. We asked David whether, by live-Twittering, he was concerned about scooping himself. Here, in a post on Reuters, David responds:

Twittering Away Standards…Or Tweeting The Future of Journalism?

I’ve been tweeting from the World Economic Forum, using the microblogging platform Twitter to discuss the mundane (describing crepuscular darkness of the Swiss Alps at 5 a.m.) or the interesting (live tweeting from presentations).

Is it journalism?

Is it dangerous?

Is it embarrassing that my tweets even beat the Reuters newswire?

Why I’m Twittering From Davos Even Though I Run Reuters.