Bowen On Matt Bonner:

Pointer From TrueHoop:

Despite making $2.978 million this year and $3.256 next year, Bonner remains frugal. Former Spurs guard Brent Barry, who is now with the Houston Rockets, remembers a time in Sacramento when Bonner was getting a snack at his favorite spot: Subway.

“Matt had a coupon for half off a sandwich, which said: ‘Valid at participating stores only,’” Barry said. “The owner said we’re not ‘participating stores’ and Matt was like ‘Well aren’t you a Subway? I walk outside and I see the name ‘Subway.’” After 10 minutes, he talked his way to half off a turkey sandwich. He saved like $2.16.”

Added Bowen: “It’s not about what you make, it’s about what you keep. He understands that motto perfectly.”

Bonner sees himself as ‘boring guy’.