Willie Brown, Asomugha’s position coach who is among the greatest defensive backs to ever play pro football, credits Asomugha’s work ethic for his development over the last five seasons.

“He is dedicated, and he’s dedicated to be great. I tell all the defensive backs, they should have Nnamdi’s work habits. He will do anything you ask, and he is willing to pay the price to be great.”

Posted by Eric Musselman at 12:14 PM

Eric Musselman’s Basketball Notebook: Willing to pay the price to be great.

We can say this about what most of us want.

For me I want to be happy. Some people dream of being rich. Some people dream of finding true love. Some people dream of doing great things. Most of these things are within reach, only if YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE!.

This is where all the get rich quick schemes, the ponzi scams, the seduction seminars step in. They try to make you believe that you do not have to pay the price, that you have a way to get things for free.

Repeat after me:  THERE ARE NO FREE LUNCHES!.

And this is what we must do. Before we even start thinking of what is the best path to reach our dreams, we must gather enough resolve to decide that we are willing to pay the price!