wow, can’t say this enough: We Are All In It Together!


In online discussions people say we should let the companies fail — they scare me even more, because they don’t understand how much our lives depend on each others. That was clear in New Orleans after Katrina. They couldn’t re-open the restaurants not because there was no demand for the services, there was, but because there was no place for the staff to live and no way to get the supplies they needed. And you can’t bring in the workers to rebuild the city without places for them to eat.  Permalink to this paragraph

Civilizations take a long time to reboot after a crash, so you must do everything you can to avoid crashing, but this one seems to be willful, we have the means to prevent it, but for some reason we’re too stupid, collectively, to stop it. Permalink to this paragraph


Fact is, we all live in New Orleans and Detroit, and we’re going to learn that in this country, but it’s going to be a very very painful lesson, apparently. Permalink to this paragraph

Is the panic over Detroit real? (Scripting News).