Q: What the … your buddy JackO is getting married? And you chose to just drop that on us with absolutely no set-up? I don’t know where along the line of listening to the podcasts, I developed my fake relationship with JackO, but I did. I was psychotically 100 percent sure that we would have a chance meeting where he would be really impressed that I knew who he was, and we would get married. I’m really disappointed. In both him getting married and my life in general.

— Claire, Atlanta

SG: You know how women fall in love with serial killers, write them letters and eventually marry them even though they’re on death row and can’t consummate the marriage? Suddenly, that seems a little less strange.

Q: Is it possible for a heterosexual woman to have a man-crush on a guy? What would you call that? I have a man-crush on you.

— Michelle, Atlanta

SG: OK, what’s going on in Atlanta? Do we need to send some more men with a sense of humor between the ages of 25 and 40 down there? To answer your question, a heterosexual female cannot have a man-crush on a heterosexual male. It’s just a crush. You might rationalize it as a man-crush, but deep down, you want to jump my bones. Of course, you live in Atlanta, so apparently any female fits that category. I think Atlanta is the new San Francisco — just horny, successful, fun-loving women looking for love and questioning their self-esteem on a daily basis. I feel totally comfortable making that generalization after two e-mails.

ESPN Page 2 – Sports Guy’s mailbag, Part 1.