Quantum of Solace
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Quantum of Solace is just that in my opinion, one of the best bond film, and in my opinion the best bond film thus far!

As Bono said in their comeback album during the Boy Band years (late 90’s) look out boys the men are here! and this is what the director/ production team / crew of Quantum Solace is trying to tell spy filmmaker wannabes. There is still nobody quite like bond. Following the public craving for a high realism in their films bond offers quite fantastic but not unbelievable action scenes, these are the most realistic action scenes of the bond series and probably would give the action scenes of the Jason Bourne films a run for their money.

I’d post a longer review next time, but seeing that I still haven’t finished my long review for the newest batman film (I’ve seen it three times and still can’t seem to express my words in prose.) don’t hold your breaths!

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