Going to Google DevFest 13:00 PHT !

here is the mail from the coordinator,

Hi developers!

We just wanted to remind you about DevFest Manila tomorrow, and also give you an idea of the agenda for the day:
– OpenSocial API
– OpenSocial Partners: Globant, Friendster, ExoPlatform, hi5
– Google Maps APIs
– Google AppEngine
– Whirlwind tour of other Google APIs (inc. Youtube)
Those sessions will be talks that include demos and live code walkthroughs. If you bring your laptop, you can optionally follow along with the walkthroughs or just chat about the currently presented topic with other attendees in the live chat. There will be no reserved time for just hacking (there’s a lot of material to cover!) but we do encourage you to hack while we’re talking.
Besides the talks we’re giving, we’d like to see what you all are working on. You can sign up to give a 3-minute lightning talk here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=p9pdwsai2hDNa45aOH9GaQg
If you indicate that you’d like a “consultation”, then we’ll take a look at your project beforehand and give you some ideas on stage about how you could incorporate our tools/APIs.
Also remember to subscribe to the APAC Developer Blog to keep informed of events and news in this region of the world:
Looking forward to a fun day tomorrow!
– pamela