The society sees that to be an engineer, one should pass the board examinations. But to be a GOOD engineer, one should need to PROVE himself/herself. Merely passing these exam is not justifiable enough.

and simply put, engineering boards for up students are not the same for non up students,
Its a way for people to show aptitude when studying in places where aptitude for a student isn’t a given
(think other state u’s or non-1st tier educational institutions).

As tipz has already stated at least in the Philippines UP students get the benefit of the doubt even with horrendous transacripts of records.

I think the example of this is if you go to other countries where UP students does not have a reputation for excellence and thus do not get the benefit of the doubt. They usually take certification exams of different sorts to prove at least a minimal level of competence.

I imagine an MIT/Stanford grad is not asked SCJP results when applying for CS jobs, but people from UP are, just expound on this.

And if you love programming you’d probably feel the same about the programming certifications as you feel for the Electronics Board Exams.

I’d say this is how the world works and you have to live with it.

I know its frustrating, and it is in some ways a waste of time.

I somewhat had a change of heart whilst writing this.

The younger batches should thank you because of your honesty.

You can create your own path.

But that would entail sacrifice, work in another country where the license is worth nothing, do your masters or create your own company.

I am rambling sorry , lack of sleep.

In conclusion, sorry if nobody told you the how worthless the board exams is, and what other paths you might have taken.
Thank you for starting the conversation.
This too shall pass.