The youngest Asian-American Head Coach in the NBA is a Filipino!

If you’ve been to the Philippines (like Gilbert Arenas), You know how basketball crazy the Philippines is!

Another reason to cheer for Dwade and the Miami Heat!

ESPN – Monday Bullets – TrueHoop By Henry Abbott

New Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra to Sports Business Radio (subscription): “I am half Filipino. I’m proud of my heritage. I didn’t know when I got hired that I was the first Asian-American head coach in the NBA. So, I took that with a great deal of respect and honor. I think any time that you can be a part of something to possibly break down any kind of barriers or stereotypes, then I’m all for it. And if it’s at all possible for somebody down the line to have a door opened or see an opportunity that might not have been there before, then I think that’s a tremendous opportunity.”

ESPN – Monday Bullets – TrueHoop By Henry Abbott.