I do not know why the highlighted words moved me, maybe it is because it brought to mind dreams of a lost youth allowed to be revisited with the wisdom that often comes with age, vaguely hinting at a second chance. Makes me reminisce about Casablanca, It’s irrational, yes but sometimes the human mind makes connections that really aren’t there but the mind still insists!

It’s fascinating to wonder how Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling must feel about all this. Having long abandoned their youthful leftism, they have suddenly been forced by circumstances to implement something that looks superficially like socialism, and might even lead to a genuine restructuring of society (utopian I know, but who would have thought a month ago that we would have been wondering what to do with a nationalised finance sector). At the very least, Brown and Darling must have found it easier to adapt to the sudden collapse of the existing order than those who have never imagined anything else.

Now we’re getting somewhere — Crooked Timber.