Some people need permission to act! But that is something no one can give you, no one but yourself!

Give yourself permission to dream.

Give yourself permission to act.

Give yourself permission to fail.

Give yourself permission to dream again.

Queen Latifa from NYTimes here ht to eric musselman’s blog:

“I know people who are twice as creative as I am, twice as smart, but they didn’t do anything because they feared going into a room and opening their mouths. My parents told me to truly accomplish things in my life, there would be times I would have to stand alone. It may be scary, but that’s what it requires. So the times I had to stand alone, I got it. I understood where I was coming from, so hopefully, everybody else would get it eventually.”

Posted by Eric Musselman at 8:13 AM

Eric Musselman’s Basketball Notebook: There are times when we have to stand alone.