So True!

Often is the day that doing small things, doing chores, doing minutae, and poof the 8 hours of work is done, then time for self begins, its starts wit reading something, a few articles from hacker news or reddit, cleaning out my inbox, reading my feeds, postingon my blog,  and poof 8 hours passes without doing anything significant.

The good thing is that there is never a week where I do not spend at least 4 hours straight on doing something of significance for me. The truth of the matter is that these four hours are the fuel for me, keeps me happy, probably my biggest luxury.

No great thoughts are hard to come by but I believe it starts with the desire to and the will to have the time and concentration necessary for it.

For most of us, even those with the best of intentions about getting earthshaking ideas, the minutiae of life bubble to the top of our consciousnesses, crowding out any incipient great thoughts. When we have no great things to worry about, the small ones rise up and keep us awake at night.

I once heard a story about Einstein that is probably apocryphal, but I like the message it conveys. Supposedly, Einstein was confronted by a student who said that he kept a pencil and paper by his bed in case an idea surfaced while he was sleeping. “Do you do that?” he asked Einstein. “Alas,” Einstein replied, “I seldom get ideas.”

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