What Paul Should have asked was, who would trade your health system with ours??

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Problem with Audience Participation

James Taranto reports this recent interchange, during which economist Paul Krugman tries to make the case for a Canadian-style national health care system:

Krugman: –and I wanted to ask, actually two questions, to the audience. First, how many Canadians, would Canadians in the room please raise your hands. [One person applauds, laughter]

Donvan: We have about seven hands going up—

Krugman: OK, not as many as I thought. OK, of those of you who are not on the panel who are Canadians, how many of you think you have a terrible health care system. [pause] One, two–

Donvan: We see—almost all of the same hands going up. [laughter]

Krugman: Bad move on my part.

Greg Mankiw’s Blog: The Problem with Audience Participation.