rePost: The end of global deregulatory reform — Crooked Timber

Need to read this book and it seems that I have something to occupy my mind with during the hour long commutes.

This was strangely invigorating for me. Ok maybe not so strangely.

Mark Blyth’s book, Great Transformations has a theory of the relationship between economic crises and economic ideas. Very roughly speaking, when a crisis occurs that is difficult or impossible for the prevailing wisdom to explain or deal with, intellectual entrepreneurs have an opportunity to create a new (partly self-reinforcing) collective wisdom. We’re most likely in just such a crisis now. Which set of intellectual entrepreneurs are going to succeed in reshaping a new collective wisdom – economic nationalists like Sarkozy and Putin, social democratic globalizers like Dani Rodrik, or some other crowd entirely – I have no idea.

The end of global deregulatory reform — Crooked Timber.