I haven’t studied this enough to even start forming an opinion.

emphasis mine from the excellent Dani Rodrik’s blog here:

As one might expect, the book takes swipes at the usual suspects: the Washington Consensus, the IFIs, the MNCs, Tom Friedman, and Jeff Sachs. Against the growth-focused and globalization-centered views of these institutions and commentators, Robin and John argue for a localized, community-based, self-sufficient model of development. What many others would celebrate as real development (for example the spread of commercial farming for export in the Philippines) they see as the destruction of local communities. They write: “We stand at a moment marking the end of what may well be the most destructive development era of modern history.”

Dani Rodrik’s weblog: Alter-globalization.

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  1. Commercial farming? Isn’t that what Dole and Del Monte have done south? Another example is Fidel Ramos’ push for the farming of cut-flowers for export in failed march to NIChood during the 90s.