Sometimes its all about the money. I wish I started bloggin before bloggin was about the money, but sadly I was too preoccupied then.

Recently an econoblogger emailed me to ask about a website which had been stealing his content without his permission. He asked them to stop, and they did — but he was still unhappy; I told him that the best thing to do was simply not be unhappy.

It’s the nature of blogs to put intellectual property out there, on the web, for free. If you do that, there will be lots of unintended consequences. Don’t sweat them. If Barry really thinks that Seeking Alpha wouldn’t have used the phrase “The Big Picture” were it not for the existence of his blog, then, well, that tab over at is just another one of thousands of unintended consequences that Barry’s blog has had.

Bloggers can control the content on their own sites; that’s hard enough. It’s just not worth it to start getting upset about content on other sites, especially when that content isn’t doing you any harm.

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