This hit home, health care is not simply getting medication and getting hospital care. Health care must be reframed to Care for Well Being, and people who do not get the whole package, quarterly physicals, psychological, nutritional, and of course the traditional care for sickness that people must demand from government to be a right that. We must not let people who do not have anything to die from us doing nothing.

from Making Light Blog here:

Here’s a fact: People who don’t have health insurance don’t get health care. Sure, if they’re unconscious or spurting blood they can come to the Emergency Room, but that’s a cruddy way of getting basic health screening that keeps things from getting to catastrophic conditions.

I’ve seen this myself. I’ve seen a man in his mid-forties die, choked on his own vomit, unconscious from undiagnosed diabetes. Why undiagnosed? He didn’t have health insurance to cover physicals. He was working three jobs—but they were all part-time jobs with no benefits.

Making Light: McCain’s Health Care Plan.