Money and Blogging

I am not earning from my blog, through experiments I’ve seen ways of earning with simple changes in what I post. I write because I love writing, I blog because i’ve continually interacted with people who have enrich my life. I blog because I want to share. Money almost always changes everything, and oft times things become all for the the love of money. Like all great gold rush, and with the help of the invisible hand the money well will dry and the endless september of the blogging will finally begone!

from Doc Searls blog here:

What I don’t like is the corrupting influence of the advertising economy itself.

Right now online advertising is a river of gold flowing out of the ground in California, and millions of bloggers — along with countless new and traditional businesses — are rushing to grab some. In addition to the other economy-distorting consequences of this rush, it is corrupting blogging’s original nature, which is amateur in the best sense or the word. Amateur is derived from amatorem, the Latin word for lover.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with making money by blogging. I am saying there’s something wrong with blogging mostly to make money, or to let advertising determine the purpose of your blog and what you say with it. If your business is the latter, you’re flogging, not blogging.

There is an old and subtle distinction here. Businesses and professions at their best are ways to pursue passions and organize talents — not just to make money. Of course they can’t thrive unless they make money. But few of us go into business just saying “I can’t wait to return value to my shareholders.” Investors are the main exceptions, but the best of those know that human passions other than greed are at the heart of every good business.