I Think Most Bloggers Need To Read This

Sometimes form is an art unto itself! Think Comedy!

but often times people write just to write. There is nothing wrong with this.

The thing is at least once a week we should try to write something we are proud of, to at least try to fool ourselves that we are trying to do write something worthwhile!

from the Overcoming Bias blog here:

If you just want to look insightful yourself, then you’ll want to ape insight like everyone else.  Use big words, attend to anal formatting rules, use many citations in academic articles, clever turns of phrase in popular articles, and so on.  In literary articles give many quotes, in science articles show many data tables and statistical tests, etc.

But if you actually want to be insightful, you face a harder problem.  Once you realize that most folks are merely aping surface features thought to correlate with insight, you see that doing this yourself may not actually help you to be insightful.  You may face a choice between looking insightful and being insightful. Yes for some factors that correlate with insight, increasing your score on such factors will tend to cause you to be insightful, but for many other factors such an increase will reduce or have no effect on your insight.