I Gave Myself 6 months to put things in order before trying the Startup route again, this time not as an employee but as founder.  The scars from the last startup haven’t healed completely but can’t sulk forever.

I know its a longshot but when I have finally done something/anything I think I’m gonna cold call/email Mark Cuban every little thing counts/matters for a startup and emailing him is not that much of a burden for me. I am expecting nothing , but hoping that I get a feedback, any kind be it the (f~ck you wasted 30 minutes of my life kind)!

I am quite excited just three and a half months to go!

from TechCrunch here:

How do people reach you?

Send me an email and in three paragraphs or less, tell me about your business. Dont say you need an NDA or want a call. Just tell me how youre going to make money and how I’m going to add value. Give me a URL if you have a website, I’ll figure it out. 5% of the people will hear back from me.

TC50 interview of Mark Cuban