Got the quote of th day from an escape pod pod cast. Since I walk to college and generally think while walking (truth be told I do a lot of my thinking during my walks to school) and since starting work, doing my thinking during my daily commute podcast was not really an option for me since if I had my headphones on and my normal absent mindedness while walking I was bound to die early.

I started getting addicted to podcast because of TED talks, and the various pod casts that the Bayesian Heresy blog links to. I must say that I find it hard concentrating on one task alone, I usually can concentrate when I am ignoring another task.

Enter podcast, since last week I’ve been working in a no internet access mac mini and doing lots of work, my only source of distraction is the podcast. The pod cast acts as the thing I am ignoring and its done wonders to my productivity. That said It’s not that I am not able to listen while working rather i seem to like thinking of two things at once, a light thinking task (listening to podcast) and a heavy thinking task (work/studying stuff). I suspect that this is the reason that I am not a good exam taker, except when they allow you to bring an mp3 player, or you can sing to yourself while taking the exam.

That said , specially for people who do not have full internet access at their terminals podcast may give you enough information to give you a sense of learning some things beyond what you are doing. Helps you develop orthogonal skills that may be useful in another future situation.

I’d even burn you a cd of some of the podcast in my machine if you ask me.