Scarcity is rearing its ugly head once again. It seems that to the online and the physical lives or at least mine is not that integrated and it simply a case of not wanting to make a choice. Its oktoberfest friday, WordCamp Philippines Saturday Whole Day and Alumni HomeComing Saturday Evening. I’ve got around a thousand things to read in my feed reader and about 80 tabs of very long articles that I’ve decided I wanted to learn, a couple of books to read for fun, a couple of books to learn from for fun and a couple a whole lot of friends I’d like/love to hang out with. The thing is choices are choices and if choosing life means clicking mark all read or forgoing less important events , we have to choose.

We have set our lives in such a way as to maximize our choices creating the paradox that we actually create less choices for ourselves. I often hear people almost saying I’d like to do that, I’d like to try that. Too often that those words have turned into valueless words for me, they signify nothing, I don’t know at least I haven’t given up on people, When I hear those words I still try to help people if I can to help them towards something they want. I’ve just learned to keep my emotions in check because I used to get so frustrated by the lot of humanity who complains a lot but seems to never have enough to do anything about their predicament. Truth be told I was and still am part of that sorry lot, I constantly try to remove myself but it is something that is extremely hard to wrench out of your system.

I love the Choices taht I have, I owe them to God, My Parents and my Family, My Friends, My Teachers and the Lot of people who have done so much to open doors, to enrich me, to expand my horizons, to finetune my views and all in all make me a much better person.

CAST AWAY the shackles of choice and realize that choice is FREEDOM or ENSLAVEMENT, and its all up to us. And this is the RUB “YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE FREEDOM”